Years in retail has been a blessing, a challenge and a constant educator. As a sales person you only get a brief window of opportunity to align your radar to the needs of your customer. They seem to believe you have magic powers to know what they want, and funny enough, it is as if you over the years develop magic powers to read them. Read how to engage with them; should you be funny, serious, load on the specs or keep it on a need-to-know level.

Most of all you learn how to listen. Don’t sell what you have, sell what your customer wants.

Solving everyday pains whether big or small by providing the right solution is awesome. I feel like superwoman when I have found just the right potato-peeler for Mrs. Hudson or I managed to get the special order of furniture in on time for Mr. Lawrence to open his new restaurant.

That’s why I love to sell.

I hate shopping though. It hardly ever lives up to my expectations. And I am constantly puzzled over the lack basic customer service. Smile for goodness sake. It won’t kill you!

On a personal note; I’m a firm believer in life as unusual, I often contradict myself and excel at living life according to my own home-brewed philosophy of planned spontaneity.

I wake up every morning thinking I’m going to die if I don’t get breakfast ASAP, I thrive in environments where status quo is a four-letter word and among people who are not afraid to go first.