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My favourite branded April Fools Day pranks

A good laugh is always in order. This post by stacysbloghasit is a compilation of the funniest April Fools Day pranks this year. It is just great when companies show the lighter side of business and stop taking themselves so serious. Wish they would do it more often really. Making your customers smile can only be great customer service!


April Fools day was two days ago so I thought I would do a quick round up of my favourite branded April Fools Day pranks.

Companies with high marketing budgets and creative staff and agencies can create hilarious and often-times believable advertisements and ‘new products’ for launch on April Fools day. This is a great time for companies to show their sense of humour.

Google has fooled people over the years with their incredible April Fools Day ads. This year they advertised a very convincing new technology – Google Nose -‘The new scensation in search’. The video offered the ability to search for smells as well as identify smells in your environment. Google Nose went one further with the prank and offered a trial scent to test if you put your nose up to the computer and sniff… Would have loved to have seen people in the office doing that one!

YouTube announced that…

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